Lydia Lunch, photographed by Laura Levine, c.1983

i feel very similar 2 lydia lunch a lot of the time

Hashimoto Okiie 橋本興家 (1899-1993)
Girl and Irises - 1952

Fallen Angels (1995)


This is literally me.

raf simons ss15
Rei Kawakubo invented looking like you got ripped off in a thrift shop. She’s an artist and not trying to be funny exactly, but she’s using wit. My father will never get the joke; he says, “You bought that?!” I wear these things to redneck bars and people would never guess I paid a lot of money for them, It makes me chuckle. But I think it’s the youth that make high fashion pretentious. When I was young I just wore what I could get. You look silly in proper fashion when you’re young but once you’re over 40 you need all the help you can get. I basically pay too much money for clothes that poor people would be embarrassed to wear. Wearing Comme des Garçons is wearing high fashion, but without bragging. And that’s the key, that’s old money and the opposite of nouveau riche.
— John Waters on Comme des Garçons (via adrieldaniel)

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i hate when mosquitos do that

This is literally perfect.

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