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Mata Noise gallery and Art/Noise are pleased to present “Why I Use My Body”, the first Los Angeles solo showing of artist Jane “Pain” Chardiet. 

“A photo series that explores self-inflicted corporeal punishment as a response to trauma.”

Using female models, Jane Chardiet set out to capture self-harming behaviors that have burdened her own life as well as the lives of her models in 35MM film. The photos exhibited are part one of Chardiet’s series which will culminate in the anthology “Why I Use My Body” published next year by Dark Chart Publications. Jane Pain’s work reflects on the use of the body in art and music and closely reflects on her own performances under monikers The Waitress  and Appetite

“Why I Use My Body” will feature live sets by performers who have a history of mixing performance with noise:  Appetite (noise duo featuring Jane Chardiet), Timeghost (Providence RI based biomechanical industrial noise), Saran Man (New York) and Nephila (Shannon Kennedy, Los Angeles) 

Art//Noise is an ongoing a series of performances and installations pairing visual work with extreme underground music. “Why I Use My Body” its the sixth episode.

Jane “Pain” Chardiet lives and works in New York City.